System/Unit to be Removed and Purchase Price Refunded to Consumer
System/Unit to be Removed and Replaced with Another System/Unit of the Same Model

1. Customer is dissatisfied with the product.

2. Dealer tries to correct the problem to the customer’s satisfaction. Customer is still unhappy and requests a replacement/refund. The Distributor Service Manager must be involved prior to system replacement to ensure all technical and application issues are addressed.

3. After the dealer obtains the Distributor Service Manager’s approval, the dealer replaces the unit/system with a similar one and removes the existing unit/system OR Dealer refunds customer the price of the unit as stated on the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee form (This will be a two-part form – one copy given to the customer during installation and one copy retained by the dealer) and removes the existing unit/system, as the case might be. It is the distributor’s responsibility to qualify or
dispute the removal of the existing unit/system.
Distributor Sales Manager should engage the TSM before granting approval to the dealer to proceed.

4. It is recommended that the dealer leave the removed unit/system with the distributor for the distributor to donate to a trade school or to use in their own training lab. The removed unit/system cannot be re-sold under any circumstances either by the dealer or by the distributor.

5. Dealer enters a claim in ServiceBench referencing Bulletin # WTY020008 or WTY020008R. A copy of the homeowner’s registration form must be attached to the claim.
WTY020008 is used when replacement has been requested by the homeowner. WTY020008R is used when a refund has been requested by the homeowner.

6. Claim will be routed to the Distributor for review and confirmation that all program requirements have been satisfied. If a refund has been requested, a copy of the equipment invoice from the distributor to dealer must also be attached.
Upon Distributor claim submittal, the claim will then be routed to Factory Warranty Administration.

7. The factory review process will include:

  • Confirmation that the Homeowner’s Registration Form is attached to the claim
  • Model and serial number on claim matches model and serial number on the Homeowner’s Registration Form
  • Dealer information on claim matches dealer information on Homeowner’s Registration Form
  • Correct Bulletin Number has been referenced on claim Like for
  • like unit exchange
  • Claim approval by TSM -Refund amount matches equipment sale price from the factory to the distributor.
  • Original units removed from service to prevent future claiming.
  • Request is within 1 year of installation.

8. Factory processes the claim per standard warranty guidelines and credits the distributor the price at which the unit/system was sold to the distributor.

9. The distributor then credits the dealer the price the dealer paid the distributor for the existing unit/system. When they refund or credit the dealer is at the distributor’s discretion.

* If the unit/system is to be removed and replaced by an upgraded unit/system – after obtaining Distributor Service Manager’s approval – the dealer removes the existing unit/system and installs the upgraded/higher-end unit the customer chooses.


NOTE: The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is not to be used in situations where a regular warranty will suffice. The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee can only be used as the final step when all other means of resolving a problem have failed.

NOTE FOR GEOTHERMAL INSTALLATIONS: The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies only with respect to above-ground equipment. Any costs associated with purchase, installation, or removal of the earth loop are not covered under this program. The Distributor Service Manager must contact ClimateMaster prior to removing and replacing the unit. Failure to do so may result in denial of the claim. Dealers may be required to submit the Start-Up checklist, Troubleshooting forms and service history documentation. Dealers must have service technicians trained by ClimateMaster or by qualified Bryant geothermal

NOTE FOR CARRIER ENERGY EXPERTS: In the event Dealer is a Carrier Energy Expert, Dealer shall not provide a one-year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on any Energy Expert audits or services; and must state in writing, to all Energy Expert customers, that the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to such audits or services.